Who We Are

We Create Things
Whether fabricated from paper and ink, metal, or wood, plastics and pixels…they all begin with lead. The lead…found in a yellow pencil…2B softness is preferred. As important as the “things” we create is the “thought” behind the creations. That’s where the lead from a pencil becomes magic. A pencil can write ideas down, cross out the off-message ideas, and draw arrows between disparate ideas creating a single, unified vision.

The “Thing” Is…
Saying that we create things makes us a little different than what other firms tout. But the “things” part really resonates with us. We don’t just create “things” to be building them. The “things” help to tell the complete message. Logos, infographics, menu boards, signage of all types, wall murals—all are a small part of the bigger story.

Beyond Paper & Pixels
How did we go from a graphic design firm to where we are now? That’s a question even we can’t adequately answer. Maybe being thrown into projects where the message required a consistent look and feel across traditional boundaries. We collaborate with architects, interior designers, fabricators of stone, steel and plastics. We’ve designed carpet, bottles, water tower graphics and coffee cups. Thru the process, we’ve learned how to think and create beyond the paper and pixels.

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